Haplosporidian species (phylum Haplosporidia Caullery & Mesnil, 1899) are a small group of four genera of sometimes pathogenic protozoan parasites usually with uninucleated spores. They are widely distributed in marine and freshwater invertebrates, although their status in Africa, much of Eurasia and Central and South America, is largely unknown. They infect molluscs including commercially important … Continue reading Haplosporidia

Flat oyster parasite found at Stewart Island

Cawthron Institute scientists are well-placed to respond to the discovery of Bonamia ostreae at oyster farms on Stewart Island. Bonamia ostreae is a parasite that poses substantial threat to flat oysters, and this afternoon the Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) confirmed they have detected it at two Stewart Island farms. Cawthron Institute Aquaculture Group Manager, … Continue reading Flat oyster parasite found at Stewart Island