Haplosporidian species (phylum Haplosporidia Caullery & Mesnil, 1899) are a small group of four genera of sometimes pathogenic protozoan parasites usually with uninucleated spores. They are widely distributed in marine and freshwater invertebrates, although their status in Africa, much of Eurasia and Central and South America, is largely unknown. They infect molluscs including commercially important … Continue reading Haplosporidia

Diagnosis and Control of Diseases of Fish and Shellfish

There has been a continual expansion in aquaculture, such that total production is fast approaching that of wild-caught fisheries. Yet the expansion is marred by continued problems of disease. New pathogens emerge, and others become associated with new conditions. Some of these pathogens become well established, and develop into major killers of aquatic species. Diagnosis … Continue reading Diagnosis and Control of Diseases of Fish and Shellfish