Experimental infection of adult Scapharca broughtonii with Ostreid herpesvirus SB strain

We investigated the susceptibility of ark shell, Scapharca broughtonii, adults to Ostreid herpesvirus SB strain (OsHV-1-SB) through experimental infection by intramuscular injection assays. Results showed the onset of mortality occurred at 3 days post injection, one day after the water turbidity became evident in rearing tanks. The mortality curves for the challenged group were similar to those observed at affected hatcheries. Histological lesions, herpesvirus-like particles and high OsHV-1-SB quantities were detected in challenged ark shells. This is the first study to successfully reproduce OsHV-1 disease in Arcoida species, and very few studies in adult bivalves (over 24 months old).

Chang-Ming Bai, Qing-Chen Wang, Benjamin Morga, Jie Shi, Chong-Ming Wang, Journal of Invertebrate Pathology, Volume 143, February 2017, Pages 79–82

The article


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